The Job of Drug Testing for Business Administrators, HR Directors and Purchasing Agents

uVera Diagnostics is a world-wide industry leader in Drug Testing Products for Business Administrators, HR Directors and Purchasing Agents, providing a wide variety of drug testing products. uVera Diagnostics provides the finest drug tests for urine, saliva and breath testing and alcohol detection. With FDA cleared and CLIA waived drug testing kits available, business administrators and human resource managers will find what they need to drug test employees and job candidates.

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Try our CR3™ Drug Testing Cup

The CR3™ will change the way you administer drug tests.

It is important for a drug testing company to provide cutting-edge drug testing technology that suits the needs of business administrators: a Drug Testing Business Administrator, HR Director, etc. The CR3 is a convenient, easy-to-use, collection device that provides qualitative detection of a specific drug(s) metabolite(s) in urine.

  • CLIA Waived.
  • Unique design with large, female friendly opening.
  • Integrated Keyless Split-Sample Drug Test Cup, so just one twist of the bottom and the test starts.
  • Quality construction with no cap to fumble with and no mess with a Snap-Shut Lid.
  • Just twist the bottom and read the results. Reserved urine sample for GC/MS (Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry) testing if necessary.

CR3 drug test cup

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Drug testing saves companies time and money. Problems directly related to drugs and alcohol in the workplace cost U.S. companies a combined 81 billion dollars a year.

With the latest, accurate and no-mess drug testing technology, uVera Diagnostics can help make your job as a Drug Testing Business Administrator, HR Director or Purchasing Agent a little easier. Our drug testing products are FDA approved with cut-off levels approved for use by federal agencies. Whether your business is national, regional or a small business, we can provide the quality, quantity and assistance you need when ordering drug testing supplies.

To order drug testing kits, call 1-866-242-5930 or Click Here to order from uVera Diagnostics.

Types of Businesses and Drug Testing

All businesses should implement drug testing programs. With over 70 percent of drug users employed in the U.S., drug testing is important to every industry to maintain a company’s image and standards.

Below are just a few industries that rely on drug testing to remain reputable:

Shipping Companies – Shipping companies like FedEx and UPS have drug testing policies in place because their employees are handling other people’s boxes containing valuables. Employees must be trustworthy.

Construction CompaniesA small mistake in construction can mean a lot of money. Even the lowest level employees can cause irreparable reputation damage and possible mistakes in the building structure. Construction zones can be dangerous areas without the use of caution and an employee that uses drugs can be a huge liability.

Call Centers – Employees who abuse drugs function at only 67 percent of their normal rate, according to research. Call centers need fully functioning, consistent employees. Call center employees reflect the products and services that they are entrusted with, and they often handle peoples’ personal information and credit cards.

Home Service Providers – From cleaning companies to home repair providers, home service companies enter their clients’ homes and must be trustworthy and professional. Employees are the face of the company, and a bad employee can cripple the reputation of a home service business. There is a higher risk of theft, and that includes stealing prescription drugs. (Link to prescription drug blog)

Security Companies – Security guards and security companies have to maintain the image of security and are responsible for the safety of property and people. Employees who use drugs can stifle that image. People who work for security companies need to be trustworthy and reliable.

Energy Companies – Companies that supply energy hefty responsibility to provide continual services with as few glitches as possible. The work can be dangerous, so it is not a place for someone impaired by drugs or alcohol. Therefore, minimizing accidents and mishaps is a priority.

Data and IT Companies – IT companies have access to other business’s information. They are trusted with information. Employees who are reliable and trustworthy are of the utmost importance in maintaining business responsibility and security of data.

Types of Drug Testing

Most major corporations require a pre-employment drug screening prior to hiring an employee. Whether you are a Drug Testing Business Administrator, HR Director or Purchasing Agent for a big business or small business, drug testing programs and policies are important in preventing workplace accidents and avoiding unnecessary workers compensation claims. The pre-employment drug screening process is only one step of a drug testing program. Employers can have policies and programs for:

  • Pre-employment drug screening
  • Random drug screening
  • Reasonable suspicion drug testing
  • Post-accident drug testing

uVera Diagnostics has what your company needs

uVera Diagnostics has drug testing supplies to suit your company’s drug testing requirements. Our customer service can help you with any questions you have on drug testing and meet your company’s unique needs. We provide:

  • FDA Cleared drug tests
  • CLIA Waived drug tests
  • Bulk purchasing
  • A variety of quality products you need
  • Easy to order—Order online or by phone
  • Competitively priced products
  • Easy to use products and you don’t have to touch the specimen!

From small quantities to large bulk orders, uVera Diagnostics has a drug testing product that is right for you. Order Drug Test Kits online or call 1-866-242-5930.

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